Current university systems face significant issues, such as outdated interfaces and poor user experiences. These systems often use old technology, making it difficult for students and faculty to navigate and access materials. This leads to frustration and inefficiency in learning. Modernization is crucial to create a smoother and more effective educational environment.

The goal of Charles Explorer is to create a modern, user-friendly, and efficient university search engine system.

Charles Explorer

Charles Explorer is a tool for visualizing, searching, and exploring university courses, publications, study programs and more. It is a part of the Charles University Information System and is available at


  • 📚 Courses - Search and explore courses, their syllabi, teachers and more.
  • 📖 Publications - Search and explore publications, their authors and more.
  • 🎓 Study programs - Search and explore study programs, their courses and more.
  • 🧑🏼‍🏫 People - Search and explore people, their publications, courses and more.
Using Charles Explorer, you can traverse your university in seconds.

Built for the web

Unlike many university information systems, Charles Explorer is built for the web with the 21st century in mind.

  • ✅ Progressive enhancement (can work without JavaScript)
  • ✅ Accessibility
  • ✅ Responsive design
  • ✅ Linked Data integration
  • ✅ Simple internationalization

Learn more about what Charles Explorer can offer in the Features showcase.

Integrate with your university

We at Charles University are fully aware of the years-old incremental development of university information systems. That’s why we’ve built Charles Explorer to easily integrate with any university information system.

You only need an SQLite export and 10 minutes to write the mapping transformation.

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